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Welcome to Bloupunt Bengals

Top quality Brown, Snow and Silver rosetted Bengals from imported lines



We breed Brown ,Snow and Silver  rosetted Bengals, and the beautiful Charcoal Bengals in all the three colours.




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Why top quality Bengals?

We strongly adhere to Bengal breed standards and we look after getting the most sought patterns:

  • Small round ears
  • Nice head profile
  • Strong muscular body
  • Pawprint, donut, mixed tricolour rosettes (leopard-style) with an amazing coat contrast colour
  • Spotted belly
  • Glitter
  • And most of all... a lovely sweet personality as the wild is only on the coat!


Glitter is a very desirable quality, as it gives a special luminous shine to Bengals luxurious soft coat. Glitter means iridescent brightness to each hair. It is seen as a sprinkle of gold dust in Brown Bengals and a dash of ice crystals in Snow ones.

Glitter on our Snow Bengal Aniuk (seal lynx point)
Glitter on our Brown Bengal Lyn

Our kittens prices may sound a bit expensive, but remember as a general life rule: You will always get what you pay for. We DON'T sell unregistered cheap kittens, but we breed quality Bengals, which is not inexpensive.

Every day we spend lot of time and energy looking after our kittens, because our aim is to raise beautiful, healthy and well socialized cats.

Cheap kittens are bred commercially and carelessly from unethical breeders, or even worse dealers. So please, think carefully before buying a "cheap" kitten, as most of the times this will result in dealing with health problems, genetic diseases and behavioural issues.

Our cattery is registered to TICA, SACC and CASA-WCF.
We are also members of WPCC (Western Province Cat Club) and ABCC (All Breeds Cat Club)

We feed and recommend Hill's Pet Nutrition.
We ship Worldwide!