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About Us

I am an Italian Pharmacist who decided to move to South Africa 6 years ago. I chose Montagu as the best place for me to retire, being a beautiful quiet small town surrounded by stunning mountains and with a mediterranean climate.


My son also decided to join me in South Africa and moved from Italy as well. I have always had a passion for cats, and being a pharmacist I was also working with some local breeders in Italy. After a few years spent in South Africa the right time to have some pets again finally arrived.

In 2017 me and my son got interested in Bengal cats and so we contacted a local breeder; we went to see the newborn kittens and we were really impressed about their beauty and temperament (of the parents). In a short time our first two Bengals arrived in our house: two stunning siblings, a brown rosetted male and his snow rosetted brother (a seal lynx point). After a little while we fell so much in love with the Bengal breed that we decided to start our own breeding program. We then contacted some international breeders and we decided to start our program with 3 Studs and 4 Queens, imported from UK, Germany and Canada; we made sure to choose the best possible bloodlines.

The main focus in our breeding program is to breed beautiful and healthy kittens, with no genetic diseases or defects (our Studs and Queens are PRA negative and PK def negative, and yearly tested for HCM), a lovely temperament and a stunning silky coat with beautiful rosettes and a shiny glitter. Our aim is to get the people to have a wider knowledge about these exceptional cats, expecially here in Western Cape where we are based; for this reason we actively take part in cat shows.

In August 2019 we moved to a new location in Eastern Cape.Bathurst is a small quiet safe village,situated on a hill and 13 km from the sea.Much more space for us and the furfriends,and a wonderful climate with mild winters!We hope to continue assisting all  the Cape area ,and closer to KZN and Joburg as well!

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We believe in a no-cage philosophy in order to constantly be able to follow our cats and to let them live a better life. Kittens are raised in the main house, so that they can get the most of our attention, love and care. In our property we also have an independent flat connected to a big fenced outdoor space with natural trees; it serves to accomodate our Studs. My son Andrea lives in the flat, so that the Studs never feel alone!

As the Bengal cat is a very active and smart cat, we take our Studs, Queens and Pets outside on a leash on a regular basis. To conclude this section, the most important thing for us is to make our cats happy and healthy and to let them live the best possible life.