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Our Champions

Here you can have a look at all the awards achieved by our cats at various cat shows in 2018


Royal Swellendam Cat Show, 3 March 2018, Swellendam, Western Cape, SA



Afriglitter Aniuk

Our stunning lynx point was awarded with a 4th place at CdCi Special, Best Kitten.

He then got a Kitten Premier title.


Afriglitter Lyn 


Apart from obtaining his Kitten Premier title, our purrsome Lyn was awarded with:

  • Best on Show SACATS
  • Best on Show OSRBG
  • First place is CdCi Kitten ring
  • CdCi Best in ring
  • First place in CdCi Special, Best Kitten
  • Public's favourite

We are very proud of our boys who did so well at their first ever cat show!

Their parents were bred by Glitterglam in UK, the same breeder of our seal mink stud and two of our queens.


All Breeds Cat Club 105th show, together with AICA, OSRBG and SACATS Breeders Group, 14th April 2018, Muizenberg, Western Cape, SA


Afriglitter Lyn was awarded with:

  • Public's Favourite in the ABCC show
  • Junior Premier certificate AICA
  • Best Kitten AICA


Afriglitter Aniuk was awarded with the title of Junior Premier AICA.




Western Province Cat Club 122nd Championship Show, Edgemead, Western Cape, SA


Afriglitter Lyn was awarded with:

  • Best Foreign Group 1 kitten
  • Best in show qualifier

The show was very well organized and we are very proud of all of our cats who took part.


Picture above by Ursula Van Der Riet




NC/FS 22nd Championship Show, 51st AICA, 38th OSRBG and 38th Sac@ts Shows, 2 June 2018, Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa



We are extremely proud of all of our cats who took part at this show for behaving well as well as for the awards received!

Afriglitter Aniuk was awarded with a Double Junior Premier certificate from AICA.

Center's Tessa of Bloupuntbengals was awarded with a Champion certificate from AICA and a Champion certificate from SACC.

Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals was the Judges favourite from NC/FS Cat Club (affiliated to SACC).

Afriglitter Lyn was awarded with a Double Junior Premier certificate from AICA, and furthermore he got a 4th place overall at AICA show and a wonderful 1st place overall at Sac@ats show!



Back2Back show, by Provincial Cat Society (SACC and ABCC), held in Hillcrest, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, 23rd and 24th June 2018

This beautifully organized show consisted of two shows over two days.

Our stunning cats did very well and took home a few prizes 😀


Afriglitter Lyn and Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals were both awarded with  the Public's favourite award.

Afriglitter Lyn was awarded with the Best breed award in his category on both shows. He was also awarded with the Judge's favourite award from one of the Judges.

Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals was also awarded with the Judge's favourite award and finally got a stunning 2nd place overall in the second show!

Picture courtesy of Theresa Fouche

We are always so happy and proud of our cats, not only for the awards received, but for their sweet and calm temperament!



ABCC 106th Championship show, 30th June 2018, Tableview, Cape Town, South Africa

In this show, again well organized, 4 of our cats took part: Afriglitter Lyn, Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals, Glitterglam Cinderella Girl of Bloupuntbengals and Silverglam Snow White of Bloupuntbengals.

All of our cats obtained very good comments and behaved very well. It was also the first time at a show for our two little cuties Cindy and Snow !

Picture courtesy of Ursula Van der Riet

Afriglitter Lyn was awarded with Best on Show qualifier in the neutered category.

Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals was also awarded with the Best on Show qualifier in the kitten category.

Both of these stunning pictures are courtesy of Ursula Van der Riet

Glitterglam Cinderella Girl of Bloupuntbengal was also one of the finalists in the kitten category and so got her award of Best on Show qualifier too!

Picture courtesy of Ursula Van der Riet

Again, a BIG THANK YOU to all of our cats for their temperament and results!



Christmas in July Cat Show, hosted by Chats du Cap, together with CLASA and SACATS, 7th of July 2018, Diep River, Cape Town, South Africa

A big thank you to Leonard of Chats du Cap and everyone else who was involved in organizing this beautiful show.

All of our 6 cats did very well and behaved good. Our Bengatto was really enjoying it, laying down on the top of his crate and getting caresses and pictures from the numerous public!


The final results were:

  • Glitterglam Cinderella Girl of Bloupuntbengals obtained her kitten champion certificate.
  • Silverglam Snow White of Bloupuntbengals also obtained her kitten champion certificate, as well as was one of the finalists (Judges Best) in CdCi overall ring.
  • Afriglitter Lyn got a 9th place in CdCi kitten ring.
  • Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals obtained his junior champion certificate. He was then one of the finalists (Judges Best) both in SACATS and CLASA (Cat Lovers Association South Africa) overall rings. Finally, he won first prize!!! in CLASA overall ring.


Again, a big thank you to our cats for behaving amazingly during this long day spent at the show and finally another big thank you to the organizers!



Cat of the Year 2018, 28th July, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Our own pet Afriglitter Lyn was invited to this prestigious competition to represent the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. He got a wonderful 13th place in his category! Well done little leopard!

Picture courtesy of Theresa Fouché



WPCC 123 CHAMPIONSHIP CAT SHOW 25 August 2018.Edgemead Cape Town

This was the last SACC show for 2018,and again we had great results with our beauties!

  • Lyn the little leopard was awarded with grand supreme class!
  • Snow white also performed well,even if today she was not in the mood.
  • Matisse on his first show got best in show qualifier so in the first five in kitten class!

This show also hosted  ABCC and WPCC 2018 awards and Cape Top Cat 2018.

Bengatto got his certificate as ABCC best Bengal kitten

Lyn was awarded as ABCC best Bengal neuter 2018 and WPCC best foreign group 1 kitten!

See you in 2019!


CHATS DU CAP CAT SHOW Darling 15/09/2018

We attended

the last CDCi-OSRBG-SACATS show for 2018 with some of our queens and boys,they all performed very well and got their Champion Certificate .

Mariebengal Bengatto was 8th in kitten ring.

great results on her FIRST show for Mariebengal Cleopardetta!!

She was 6th in final kitten ring ,and TWO times best on show qualifier!!

Well done !!



TOP CAT SA 23 September 18 Bedfordview Johannesburg

Great achievements for Afriglitter Lyn and Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals!!!!

Lyn was awarded at 6th place overall

Bengatto was awarded as BEST KITTEN for 2018 and 8th overall

well done boys!!!!

CASA WCF AICA show 24 NOVEMBER 2018 Cape Town

A fabulous day again for Bloupuntbengals cats and kittens!

Silverglam Matisse  my snow boy got double junior champion title and 10th kitten overall.

Mariebengal Bengatto my blackbrown boy got WCF champion title in adult classes and 8th adult overall

My gorgeous queen Centers Tessa got grand champion title and THIRD adult overall!!Well done charcoal beauty !


Royal Swellendam Cat Show 2th March 2019

Matisse:FIRST entire adult and FIRST country adult

Lyn :SECOND neuter adult and runner up for final awards.

Nickolas :THIRD kitten and FIRST country kitten

Layla:SIXTH kitten

WELL DONE !!!Great great start for Bloupuntbengals 2019 show season!!

SAASA 25th Championship Show 16th March 2019 Cape Town

Lyn :FOURTH neuter place

Nickolas :THIRD kitten overall

Another great result and points for COTY 2019 and SA top cat!