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Upcoming Litters   Available Kittens   Older Kittens and Retired Cats   We are a cattery which believes in a no-cage philosophy. All our kittens are raised in the family home together with our own pets and a constant human companion. We have a dedicated room for newborn kittens. Furthermore, I personally sleep with them for the first three weeks, especially caring for the mum needs. We make sure at first to give them lots of love and care. All of our kittens will be well socialized when they leave our cattery, ready for their new homes! Please visit our Facebook page or Instagram page for latest posts and pictures updates.   Buying a kitten Kittens will generally be ready at 12/14 weeks of age, and they will be given only to approved homes. Our kittens will be spayed/neutered, litter trained, checked by our trusty vet twice, vaccinated and dewormed. We will also give them a tick-flea treatment. Kittens can also be microchipped for an extra small fee.We strongly recommend microchip.. We also give to the new owners a Kitten Starter Pack. We will finally give to the new owner the documents of registration at SACC  and a 4 generations pedigree. Click here to view our Pet Contract for all the relevant details.   Kittens that have breeding qualities can also be sold for breeding purposes. We will sell them only to registered breeders with approved programs. Click here to view our Breeding Contract for all the relevant details.   Prices The price of a kitten varies depending on colour, markings, pattern and overall looking. Our prices range from R 10000 to R12000 (kittens sold as pets or show cats).This includes: deworming,first two vaccinations and first rabies vacc ,registration in your name and pedigree from SACC,spaying/neutering.WE can also microchip them for a small fee on demand.WE will also give them a tick/flea treatment before leaving our house.We also offer a leash training in our garden,the early you start the best is ,and they enjoy so much the outdoor ! Prices for a breeding kitten will be on ask. Please contact us. To reserve a kitten we require a deposit of 50% of the total agreed kitten price. Deposits are not refundable. The balance is payable 1 week before the kitten will leave our cattery.   Shipping We can ship our kittens nationwide or internationally. We comply with the specific rules of each country. Please enquire with us for a quotation and for more details.   Waiting List This will allow you to be first on choosing your new kitten! Please download our Waiting List Form and send it back to us after having completed it. We will shortly be in contact with you! We require a R500 deposit to be added on the waiting list, which will be deducted from the total kitten price. The waiting list is only for pets or show cats.   Introduction to a new home Introducing a kitten to a new home is always a delicate matter and must be handled properly, in order to avoid any stress to the new kitten. Kittens will also act differently, depending on their personality. To give you an example, when our first 2 Bengals (our pets) were introduced to our house, they acted very differently, even if they are brothers: our beautiful snow Bengal ate immediately some food (he was still in the carrier) and then started exploring, while his brown brother did not eat for almost 2 days, was very shy and was hiding himself. We just waited for him to feel relaxed and comfortable with us. Now they are both adorable, equilibrate and not shy at all. It is important for you to be patient and not  rush the process. There are some guidelines which you can follow, but it is important to understand that there is not a general rule that works for every kitten. Please click here to open our guide to Introducing a new kitten to a new home.   WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO PURCHASE 2 KITTENS, OR ONE IF YOU HAVE OTHER PETS! Because of the nature of the Bengal cat, it is advisable to have at least 2 kittens in order that they can entertain each other. If he/she will be your only pet, make sure to give the cat lots of attention in order that he/she doesn't get bored or stressed.