Available Kittens







Three rosetted babies born on 31th October from Bloupuntbengals Matilda and Heaven Ly rosettes King.ApbA or Aa and lynx or sepia carrier.

One brown boy:sold.

One brown girl:sold

One brown girl:available.

Three dark charcoal Apba and ApbApb babies born from Bengresidence Bloom and Bloupuntbengals Bruno on 4th November 2021.All babies are blue carrier and snow lynx carrier.

One Apba sheeted marbled boy:available

one ApbApb sheeted marbled boy:sold.

one ApbApb rosetted boy.:available for breeding.

They are very special ,jaguar style!!!

Four brown and brown charcoal rosetted babies born on 23th December 2021.Mum is Bengresidence Cheera,dad is our Bruno.

We have one brown girls,one charcoal girl and two boys.

Last kittens for  2021!!Five  beautiful brown rosetted babies born on 27th december 2021  from Bloupuntbengals Arya and Bloupuntbengals Samuel.

Big sized babies,and very nice rosettes in all five.

We have two boys and three girls.

Boy one:sold.

Boy two:sold.

Girl one:sold

Girl two:available.

Girl three :available.





Our first Serengeti babies arrived on 19th December 2021!

Mum is Ventis Orientis Tootsie,dad is Heaven Ly rosettes King.

one brown spotted girl :keeper,she stays with us!

one brown black spotted girl :sold.

one snow girl sold.




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