Our Queens

Silverglam Snow White of Bloupuntbengals

Snow lynx beautiful girl imported from UK.

Bloupuntbengals Matilda

Our keeper brown charcoal Apba sweet girl.Snow carrier.



Solroyals Maya  of Bloupuntbengals.

Stunning snow mink charcoal girl imported from Russia.



Bengresidence Renata of Bloupuntbengals

Imported from Russia.A snow mink sheeted marble charcoal(double Apb)girl.The sweetiest one!


Goldnglitz Blackberry of Bloupuntbengals

Stunning black silver rosetted girl imported from UK.Lynx carrier.ApbA (charcoal carrier).



Goldnglitz Olivia of Bloupuntbengals

Stunning brown black double  charcoal(ApbApb) girl imported from UK.Our super mum !


BENGRESIDENCE CHEERA of Bloupuntbengals.

Beautiful brown spotted girl from Russia.Snow lynx carrier and blue carrier.



BENGRESIDENCE BLOOM of Bloupuntbengals.

Blue charcoal sheeted marble girl .Sister of Cheera!Snow carrier.A stunner!!



The snow mink charcoal !After our retired girl Tessa,finally we have a stunning new girl in the mink colour!She is a blue carrier.





Silverglam ALBA of Bloupuntbengals.

Brown big rosetted new girl imported from UK.


Bloupuntbengals Arya

Our keeper brown girl from Bengatto and Goldnglitz. Ambra.She is giving the most beautiful kittens!


Bloupuntbengals Khalisi.

Keeper snow lynx girl from Snowwhite and Bengatto.She has the most beautiful blue eyes.Aa(melanistic carrier).


Bloupuntbengals Chiara.

Stunning rosetted silver girl.Keeper girl from Blackberry and Bloupuntbengals Kilian.ApbA and snow carrier.





STREKOZA JASMINE of Bloupuntbengals.

Beautiful solid Black female imported from Russia.Thin body,long legs...perfect for our boys for the best Serengeti kittens!




Tootsie is a chocolate spotted tabby Oriental girl imported from Russia.We are expecting the best  Serengeti leopard-like kittens from her!