Our Studs

Mariebengal Bengatto of Bloupuntbengals

Black/brown rosetted imported from Canada.A true lovebug!


Heaven Ly Rosettes King of Bloupuntbengals

Our stunning brown boy imported from Hungary.Thank you Janos Fabian for this stunner!

Bloupuntbengals Bruno

Our keeper boy .Brown black rosetted, ApbA and snow lynx carrier!

Bloupuntbengals Yuki

Our keeper snow Lynx boy from Snowwhite and Bruno..A favourite one!




Our newest addition is a stunning sepia charcoal boy ..he has everything..also a blue colour carrier!

Bloupuntbengals Aurelius

Our keeper charcoal  mink Apba boy from Centers Tessa and Silverglam Matisse.Sweet personality and stunning blue eyes.

Bloupuntbengals Samuel.

Our keeper boy from Goldnglizt Olivia and Silverglam Matisse.Brown charcoal rosetted Apba ,and snow carrier.




Goldnglitz Charlie brown of Bloupuntbengals.

Brown rosetted new boy imported from UK.